" Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy!"  

Meet the author...

Hi, I’m Ameenah, retired nurse, author and newlywed enjoying life!  One of my passions is inspiring and encouraging others to take good care  of their mental health. After all, it's  as important as keeping the hair and nails


In Depression Free: A Wise woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness, I share my story of depression and the tools I used to free myself from it.

My hope is to provide an "Aha" moment for you or someone you care about. Life is too short to give your joy away!

Peace & Blessings


What readers are saying...
Depression Free is a courageous book. The last thing a depressed person needs is a long book to wade through. Depression Free combines a personal and painful story of depression and recovery that is easy to read, thoughtful, and direct...all without being overly sentimental or self-serving. Ameenah also includes very specific, practical, and uncomplicated activities that can help the tired and depressed person begin the climb out of the pits of depression.

                                 Timothy Lacy, M.D.Psychiatrist, Silver Spring, MD

  "This book has impassioned me to be more observant of depression in people that look and act normal. My opinion of depression had been people sitting around moaning about how bad their life is. I was so wrong. This book helped me to recognize so many things. Ameenah gives straight forward advice and no - holds barred look at how depression can affect any of us. I highly recommend this book."

                             Steven Legette FACCP Admin & Contingency Officer NMRC


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