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January 12, 2018

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Counting Blessings in the Wake of Tragedy

October 11, 2017

I was awakened early this morning by a quiet voice nudging me to get up…get up…bypass my routine of shower and formal prayer (though my first thought is always thanking God for a new day), but hold up, I had to brush my teeth out of courtesy to myself(I didn’t want to smell my breath). With that done I threw on my robe and scurried downstairs to write a bit before the house got busy.


There is something about the early morning that stirs my soul…birds chirping in the trees…the quiet street with an occasional car passing by…watching the sun rise…a warm cup of tea or the smell of fresh coffee.


My plan was to check my blood sugar…make my tea and settle down with my laptop and WRITE. But…I digressed for a moment and hit FACEBOOK on my phone. Only for a moment I said, because I figured if anything major happened while I was sleep Facebook would alert me to it. Ahhh… but it’s so easy to look at one thing and then be unconsciously pulled into another and another until an hour has passed you by.


What got my attention was a man on a cycle doing a live shot from Texas of people lined up outside of a hotel. It was the last day to get food stamps as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and an opportunity to apply for whatever kind of assistance the government was offering.

The line was unbelievable…people sitting, standing…some covered with blankets because they had slept there all night! One young man the video guy spoke to said he had been in line since 10pm the night before, it was now 7am. His house had been flooded. He was told that he was number 100 and that they were letting people in 100 at a time.


The video guy asked if he had anything he wanted to say to the viewers, he smiled and said, “Have a nice day… Have a nice day!” Wow…I had to pause on that…with all that he was going through he didn’t complain…he simply smiled and wished something good for others. As I watched the video scan others of the hundreds in line, and a few more that were asked if they wanted to share on the live shot, I was in awe of so many that were smiling, laughing and conversing. If you didn’t know better you could have thought they were in line for tickets for a Beyoncé concert, or a new Harry Potter Book or the latest  iPhone…but no…they were waiting for aid as a result of their lives  being turned upside down in a matter of seconds.


What I saw was resilience…grace …people who were grateful and pushing on because their greatest gift was that they were alive to see another day.


I also knew that I would be ashamed of myself if I complained about anything! I have too many blessings to count. Have you counted your blessings today?

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